Horn Please! Beautiful Lorries of India…

by Kim Steele


In the world’s 2nd most populous nation, India…there is an unusual expression of individualism. 


© Kim Steele; http://www.kimsteele.com


Drivers paint their trucks with various religious and cultural iconography, all in gloriously vivid colors.  Each unique expression conveys a specific sentiment.  The drivers stand proudly before them in truck stops around the country.  Some imagery seems peculiar and exotic to outsiders, but other images occur very commonly on the bodies of the vehicles.  Hindu goddesses, folk symbols, tassels, painted and real flowers adorn the otherwise worn bodies. 


© Kim Steele; http://www.kimsteele.com


The most ubiquitous marking seems to be “Horn Please” on the rear end of each and every commercial vehicle.

This bustling, profoundly social menagerie is in sharp contrast to American self-centered drivers who feel entitled to every inch of the road they can touch, possessive of ‘their’ lane, without regard to anyone else on the road. Indian drivers perform a balletic dance, moving millimeters between one another with grace and respect, constantly beeping ferociously. 

It is a joy to behold, and I have witnessed very few accidents or road rage in my visits to India!



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