“I want to say one word to you, just one word…” Cybershopping!

by Sally Steele

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY Boulevardiers! Shopping is not a fun activity for me, does anyone else feel this way? I should clarify, shopping via letting my feet do the walking is what annoys me…online, I’m a stealth shopping ninja.



Suzy Menkes, From the New York Times, by Suzy Menkes, polimodamag.com



What Suzy says generally goes. “The ultimate challenge for all luxury brands is to go digital — without losing their key attributes of individuality and identity.”


Titles from popular postings in 199 and 2000: Build a Cyberstore for as little as $5000. So You’ve Got a Cyberstore, Now What?



Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday, when online retailers will be looking for their biggest sales from those who checked out products over the thanksgiving weekend, and will now be ordering them Monday at work.

Cyber Bum

A person who does not own a computer, and spends hours in libraries, computer stores and anyplace else they can find to use the internet.


Those colourful kids who dress in fluro clothing/makeup, and jump around to pumpin’ Psychedelic Trance and Techno tunes. The more cheesie ‘cyber-kid’ may be found dancing to more main stream tunes played by the likes of Judge Jules and crew. Originated from early raves in Ibiza/Goa/Thailand, many moons ago.

Cyberboutique isn’t yet defined.



52 pages of “cyberstore” sites upon searching.

58 pages of “cyber boutique” upon searching.


Suzy Menkes, International Herald Tribune Heritage Luxury Conference, zimbio.com


Who is SUZY(Suzy Menkes) and why should we care?

Suzy has been head fashion reporter and Editor for the International Herald Tribune since 1988. It’s estimated that over the years, she has, “written over 1.7 million words in the paper.” Suzy’s style is unique, note her fabulous hair. High fashion has been her inspiration, since her first couture experience, at a Nina Ricci show.



Zegna Online Store, luxguru.typepad.com



Suzy on the hot, new Ermenegildo Zegna marketing ploy, an iPad app, wherein those so inclined can browse & buy, all in glorious 3D:

“The store is modern, streamlined and with an androgynous Milla Jovovich in a pinstripe suit meeting and greeting. It looks just the place to shop for the new fall season. But where are we? Through the windows, high rises are on the skyline. Is this New York? Hong Kong? Seoul? No. Welcome to cyberspace! The iPad-only app, along with the Web version at www.zegnainstore.com, was launched during the menswear season in July, in tandem with the opening of a new store in Paris. The earthbound store on the Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré, designed by the architect Peter Marino, stretches over five floors, with departments from rarefied personal shopping through sportswear. And Gildo Zegna, the company’s chief executive, is adamant that neither type of commerce negates the other. The virtual Zegna store is an experiment — but one that is likely to start a trend. The site currently offers an opportunity to “walk” the store, home in on products, check the collar shape of a shirt, then move on to shoes, much as you might shop anywhere. Or, as Mr. Lima puts it, “In three clicks you’ve bought something.”

Isn’t Suzy divine? And, Menkes is an officer of the Order of the British Empire for her services to journalism, and a chevalier of the Legion of Honor.

The International Herald Tribune: “Unlike the delicate relationship often shared between fashion houses and designers, with the fashion media and journalists. Menkes has a reputation within the fashion industry for being much-loved by all for both her personality and her fair and balanced reviews of fashion shows. A designer once refused to invite her to his show due to taking offense at some negative comments she had made in a previous collection review (though she did give positive comments as well). Many people in the industry rallied behind her and boycotted the designer’s show as a result until the situation was resolved.”



The Missoni for Target collection, hotbeautyhealth.com



Cybershopping frenzy took over this fall. “This was Missoni mayhem,” said Joshua Thomas, a Target spokesman. “This is unprecedented.” Target’s website crashed repeatedly. Industry bloggers commented, “So-called limited partnerships, in which high-end designers create cheaper versions of their fashions for lower-end stores, have become popular in recent years because they appeal to cost-conscious customers who want to be stylish but aren’t willing to pay designer prices. At a time when Americans are watching every dollar they spend, the limited-time offerings also are part of a growing strategy by retailers to spur impulse buys by creating a sense of urgency for shoppers to buy.”

Yipit, a daily deals aggregator that issues monthly status reports on the cybershopping category reported that in July of 2011, both Groupon and LivingSocial experienced declining month-over-month revenue in the top 30 North American markets. “Those two players account for approximately 70 percent of the daily deals business.”  August numbers trended upwards…and stayed solid through the fall. Onward to The Holidays.

Forrester Research reported, in US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 to 2016: Internet buyers who are currently being titillated by online coupon sites like Groupon, “they’ll lose practice at considered decisions.”

I lost my ability to make considered decisions a long, long time ago. Nonetheless, I didn’t get 5000+ positive feedback on eBay for nothing. Here’s to finding lots of holiday treasures for everyone on your list…


Suzy Menkes, theluxuryhub.com

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