Help Save family-owned Drake’s Bay Oyster Company

by Kim Steele


Drake’s Estero, an expansive estuary on the Point Reyes peninsula, is in danger of losing one of its most prominent and ecologically conscious residents: the Lunny Family-owned Drakes Bay Oyster Company. The oyster farm produces 40% of California’s oysters. As stewards of the land, the Lunny Family is driven by a deep respect for the earth and the waters of the Estero ecosystems. The oysters and seafood are raised in the most pristine body of water of any area grown in California. The farm provides jobs, housing, and income to many locals, and is a significant part of the history and diversity of the region’s thriving agricultural community. Now, the forty-year lease for the Drake Bay Oyster Company is set to expire November 30th! So please join Senator Dianne Feinstein and others in showing support for the Drakes Bay Oyster Company.


Kim Steele is a photographer and concerned environmentalist living in San Francisco. Please sign his petition to Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar: Renew the lease for Drakes Bay Oyster Company at Drakes Bay Estero.


Kim Steele, oyster farmer, Tomales Bay, CA



Please visit Kim’s photography websites here and here, his Green Blog here,  for more on his photography, work and activities.








Oysters watercolor, by Alek Kardas



Kevin Lunny of Drake’s Bay Oyster Company in front of his harvest of Pacific Oyster, photograph by Kim Steele


Oyster Harvest at Drake’s Bay, photograph by Kim Steele


Oyster Sorting at Drakes Bay Family Farms, photograph by Kim Steele


Please sign the petition to keep this family business thriving and supporting the community, the education of children, and a wonderful destination for 50,000 oyster fans per year.

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