Да мы будет смотреть за — Sochi Olympics 2014, Yes we will be watching!

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“Жаркие. Зимние. Твои,” Translation: “Hot. Cool. Yours.”


OK, Boulevardiers & curmudgeons unite. Enough griping about the Sochi Olympics (scary sad story here from the Atlantic). Of course we are red, white & blue, through & through, and starting tonight, we will be watching with pride. Olympic events give us an opportunity to feature some gorgeous images from photographers braving the issues, a few within.


Image: A general view shows the opening ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Sochi Opening Ceremony, photograph, www.ibtimes.co.in


Sochi Opening Fireworks, www.ibtimes.co.in

Sochi Opening Fireworks, photograph,www.ibtimes.co.in

The five Olympic rings represent: Passion, trust, victory, fair play and ethics. At the opening ceremony, that last one didn’t work.


Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images

Olympic ring failure, photograph, Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images

One beautiful building!


Iceberg Skating Palace, figure skating and short-track speedskating at the Sochi Games. photograph by Igor Yakunin/A

Iceberg Skating Palace, figure skating and short-track speedskating at the Sochi Games, photograph, Igor Yakunin/AP

Some points less discussed:


News Shopper:14 fun facts about Winter Olympics ahead of Sochi 2014 opening ceremony, b

1. This will be the 22nd Winter Olympics, and the first to be hosted by Russia.

2. At a cost of around £31 billion, this will be the most expensive Olympics ever.

3. Known as the Russian Riviera, the Black Sea resort of Sochi will be the warmest city ever to host the Winter Olympics.

4. Sochi is thought to be the longest city in Europe, sprawling for 90 miles along the shores of the Black Sea.

5. You’d better clear your diary if you want to travel to Sochi from the Russian capital Moscow. A train journey will take 37 hours.

6. There will be 88 nations represented at the Winter Olympics.

7. Twelve events will make their debut at Sochi 2014, including women’s ski-jumping.

8. The epic torch relay for Sochi 2014, featuring 14,000 torchbearers, went into space via the International Space Station.

9. Sochi, with a population of around 400,000, is the former hometown of tennis star Maria Sharapova.

10. Mascots for the Games are a polar bear, hare and leopard.


Sochi Mascots

Sochi Mascots


11. With eight gold medals and four silvers, the most successful Winter Olympian of all time is Norway’s cross-country skier Bjorn Daehlie.

12. Only one athlete has ever won gold at both Summer and Winter Olympics. Eddie Eagan won the 1920 light-heavyweight boxing gold medal followed by bobsled gold at the 1932 Winter Games.

13. Known more for its fast cars, BMW has built the USA team’s hi-tech bobsleds.

14. The opening ceremony will be held inside the Fisht Olympic Stadium, named after nearby Mount Fisht.


US Olympic Team, BMW Bobsled

US Olympic Team, BMW Bobsled


CNN: Sochi 2014: Winter Olympics by the numbers, by Richard Allen Greene

Cost: At least $50 billion, including infrastructure work in and around Sochi

Russia’s original cost estimate for infrastructure: $12 billion

How much of the cost that is sports-related, not infrastructure: $6.4 billion

Athletes: About 2,850 from 89 countries — with India being let back into the Games on February 11 — plus 1,650 Paralympians from 45 countries

Sports: 15

Number of events: 98, of which 12 are new

Number of security officers deployed for the Games: 37,000

Number of U.S. athletes, coaches, staff and guests who have booked the services of crisis response company Global Rescue in case of emergency: 375

Amount of borscht (beet soup) expected to be prepared and served during the Games: 265,000 liters (70,000 U.S. gallons)

Average price of lunch for one at the Olympic Park: $15

Number of chefs, sous-chefs, cooks, waiters, bartenders and cashiers working the Games: 7,000

Average temperature in Sochi in February: 8.3 Celsius (47 Fahrenheit), the warmest ever at the Winter Olympics

Number of people the Olympic Park holds: 75,000

Number of volunteers helping with the Games: 25,000

Expected television audience: 3 billion


Meteorite Medals for some winners!

The U.S. Olympic Committee pays out a $25,000 bonus per gold medal, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze. (The money does not come from the U.S.  government — the USOC gets its money from the sale of broadcast rights, licensing and trademark income, and corporate sponsorships.)


 Sochi medals for some GOLD winning athletes, containing pieces of a meteorite that fell to ground February 15, 2013,  Image: kremlin.ru.

Sochi medals for some winning athletes, containing pieces of a meteorite that fell to ground February 15, 2013, photograph, kremlin.ru

Spiffy suits for the Norwegian Curling Team! (yup, some Norwegian ancestry for us Boulevardiers)


Members of the Norway's Men's Olympic Curling Team, Sochi 2014 suits, lAP/ Cassie Kovacevich, Loudmouth Golf

Members of the Norway Men’s Olympic Curling Team, Sochi 2014~1 of 9 different pants patterns, photograph, AP/ Cassie Kovacevich, Loudmouth Golf


GO Team USA–all 230 of you!!!


…we hope you get your yogurt (a dispute between Russian and U.S. authorities has halted the shipment of 5,000 cups of Chobani Greek Yogurt bound for the Winter Olympics in Russia due to “improper paperwork”. Chobani is a Team USA sponsor)


Chobani yogurt pyramid

Chobani yogurt pyramid



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