Born to Surf

by Peter Rittmaster

Rome Before Romans

by Giorgio Fabretti

La Sacra Allegoria di Giovanni Bellini~Gallerie degli Uffizi

by Marina De Ros

Ohachimeguri (literally, “going around the bowl”)

by Sally Steele

Josef Sudek – a passionate man: Jeu de Paume

by Kim Steele

Gem in the Desert, Museum of Islamic Art ~ Doha, Qatar

by Kim Steele

When in Milan … Expo 2015

by Sally Steele

An Ephemeral Awareness — Death and the Coming of War

by Bud Abbott

David Foster Wallace — Being A Ghost

by John Rotilie

City – of solace(ds), of soles also.

by Johannes Knesl

Allen Ginsberg: poet not photographer

by Kim Steele

Mirroring Tarkovsky

by Launa Bacon

Bangles via Guns (and the power of making)

by Sally Steele

Boulevardiers & Fools…

by The Boulevardiers

Happy & Well-Designed Holidays!

by The Boulevardiers

Poets Drown in Lakes…Bob Dylan

by John Rotilie

Giving Thanks

by The Boulevardiers

The First EGG Chapel — notes from its designer

by Andrew MacNair

“Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue.”

by James Broder

Cosmic Molasses

by Kim Steele

Playing With Fire?

by Bruce Matthews

“Hear Me With Your Eyes”

by Kim Steele