Kim Steele, Founder and Publisher of The Boulevardiers has been frequenting boulevards for decades from Delhi, to Cairo, to Paris.  Boulevardier implies worldliness and savoir fare about cosmopolitan matters. Kim’s status as a Boulevardier was noted during a shoot for New York Magazine, of which Anna Wintour was then fashion editor. He was solicited as a model for a shoot, and labeled a ‘Boulevardier.’ The moniker has stuck with Kim ever since.  Kim Steele is an industrial photographer and an oyster farmer. In his travels Kim has encountered many similarly inclined thinkers.  It is to this collection of minds and ideas that we have launched this on-line publication, to share the rich experience and knowledge of great-minded Boulevardiers.



Sally Steele is the Boulevardiers Managing Editor and ‘Muse’. Happily ensconced with Kim and most of her family in sunny California, she works, cooks, gardens, supports the arts, and seeks out all kinds of interesting & uncommon creative events. Her career path has included positions within a great variety of media companies. Sally travels extensively, her posts will ruminate on Style. A dedicated museum volunteer, most recent activities are with Pier 24, and the Asian Art Museum.


Tyler Wilson, Boulevardier & Artistvardier traveled around the world by the age of 18, after being born in Florida and spending the majority of his youth in New Jersey. He is a Biology graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara. He currently lives in San Francisco, where he works as a UX designer, at the coolest company in San Francisco, Helios Interactive. Tyler dreams of reconstructing skeletons of all ages and species as a bioarchaeologist. Tyler is further pursuing his interest in traditional and digital media studies…by drawing scary pictures and thinking about biology, technology and cephalopods.

All icons and caricatures in this publication are drawn by Tyler.


James Broder () owns Broder’s Skunkware Scoring & Timing Software, a group of Boffins who develop high-resolution timing systems for various types of racing. Skunkware customers include NASCAR, Austria Ski Team, the Hahnenkamm downhill races, NBC, Turner Broadcasting, SPEED Channel, and Spruce Meadows. He spends his free time surfing, backcountry skiing, and racing bicycles. He’s one of only a handful of American members of the Kitzbüheler Ski Club, the oldest alpine ski club in continental Europe.






Christo Wilson is an Associate Professor in the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. He is also the Director of the BS in Cybersecurity Program at the College. His research lies at the intersection of Big Data, security, and privacy. It draws on methods from computer, social, political, and economic sciences. Professor Wilson is the recipient of 3 NSF Grants. Christo, the Boulevardier also excels in causing general mayhem, much to everyone’s chagrin.



Daniel Salo is a San Francisco-based editorial photographer and frequent helping hand, facilitator, and expediter to The Boulevardiers. Much of the original website design, and evolving updates for The Boulevardiers are the result of his many creative inspirations.


Mark Richardson’s short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Segue, Crime Factory, Switchback, Prime Number Magazine, Nth Position, and elsewhere. Richardson lives in Northern California and works as a marketing writer in Silicon Valley.



Richard Gillette was born and raised in Upstate New York. In 1974, he obtained his B.S. in Art History from the School of Visual Arts. A painter by training and passion, Gillette has chosen to work on the most ubiquitous of canvases: the twenty-first-century interior. Combining his admiration for the Arts, with thirty years of design experience, Gillette creates unified living spaces from a palette of furnishings, designed elements, colors and fine art.



George McLaughlin spent his childhood trolling the beaches of Sagaponic, Long Island. A Texas born architect and urban designer, McLaughlin was trained in architecture at U. C. Berkeley. McLaughlin worked for the renowned landscape architect, Lawrence Halprin from 1964-1973. He worked with the SF Redevelopment Agency from 1980-1985, on the India Basin project, and Hunter’s Point. McLaughlin was then employed by Brown McDaniels, concentrating on affordable housing. George finished his career developing projects for Taubman Developers, concentrating on successful high-end shopping centers including Stamford Court, CT. and eventually the World Trade Center shopping mall.


Nancy Balik FitzGerald is a writer/producer and public relations consultant living in San Francisco.  See her work at Her work spans the worlds of medicine, health and beauty, the arts and entertainment.




Bruce Matthews is currently a Fulbright Senior Scholar and Visiting Professor at Freiburg University in Germany. He is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including The Hans Jonas award, two Fulbright Senior Scholar awards, two University of Chicago Teaching awards, and a National Endowment for the Humanities grant. His books include F.W.J. Schelling’s Berlin Lectures: the Grounding of Positive Philosophy (SUNY 2007); Schelling’s Organic Form of Philosophy: Life as the Schema of Freedom (SUNY 2011), and the forthcoming Schelling: Heretic of Modernity (SUNY 2012). He is a founding faculty member of Bard High School Early College, Manhattan.


Billy King is a Seattle based artist known for his expressive color styles. Since 1970 Billy King has expanded the definition of independent artist. Billy King is in collections all across North America including the Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles; the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.; and Safeco Insurance, Seattle.


A native New Yorker, Boulevardier Jorge Socarras received his M.A. in Humanities from San Francisco State. He has worked as copywriter for the likes of Sotheby’s, Phillips de Pury, and Conde Nast, has taught critical writing at Rutgers University, and has completed three books of as yet unpublished fiction. He also writes for publications such as Bomb, Interstitial Arts, and The Omen.




Boulevardier Andrew P. MacNair lives and works in New York City since 1971 when he came to thefrom Washington and Princeton to study architecture in the graduate school at Columbia University. He studied with Richard Saul Wurman, Anthony Vidler, Michael Graves, Kenneth Frampton and did his master thesis on the reconstruction of the Central Park Zoo from a 19th century menagerie into a modern zoological garden. He has shown drawings, paintings, and models in many group and solo exhibitions including exhibitions in New York, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Ghent, Stuttgart and recently at the Architecture for Art Gallery in Hillsdale, NY. He publishes and edits for 10 years an art and architecture magazine called Zapp Urbanism which is part the work of his Manhattan Studio. MacNair also currently is an editor with Steven Holl and Michael Bell of another little magazine between China and the US called 32BNY also for 10 years – both magazines were founded in response to the 911 attacks on the city.

John Rotilie met The Boulevardiers on a sunset pilgrimage to the Salk Institute, in La Jolla, California.  He has studied anthropology and practices internal medicine in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is interested in neuroscience and the psychology of personality and accomplishment.  He loves architecture, art, and the human story … yes, a true Boulevardier …

Jb w. Cecil Taylor at Whitney, photograph by Jeffrey Bishop



Artist and Boulevardier Jeffrey Bishop lives in Brooklyn, NY.







Robert (Bud) Abbott, Boulevardier, was born in March, 1941 and grew up surfing, fishing, diving, and water-skiing in San Diego and Mexico.  These early experiences jump-started him into a career as a marine biologist, fish culture expert, commercial fisherman, international development consultant and habitat restoration expert. He marched with Martin Luther King in Selma, Alabama and participated in numerous projects to support the African American community.  He has lived and worked in many countries, including Nigeria, Chile, Oman, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Myanmar, Egypt, Thailand and Indonesia. In each country he studied the linguistic and spiritual orientation of the dominant culture, and studied and practiced many spiritual and contemplative paths.  He loves to play guitar, sing and get people to sing along out loud and laugh.  He adopted two children from Thailand and raised his family in the Bay Area.  He is now retired, working on his golf game, travel expeditions, and catching more fish than last year.  He also teaches yoga and tai chi part time and is part of the Prison Yoga Project.


Associate Professor Phillip Baldwin is a scenographer, designer, educator, art and technology installation artist, associate professor of design and digital media, and immersive environment designer. Has current research and authorship in the relationship of space to telematics and telepresence. Conducts Stony Brook University study abroad programs in Rome, and Seoul. Integrates the ‘zero distance’ telematics with public installation through fundraising in New York City and in Korea. Conducts a campus and Brooklyn based grant writing group and NGO: ‘Global Civic Media’. MFA from Yale University in design, FAAR, Fellow of the American Academy in Rome 1994. Worked and lived in Seoul, Tokyo, Rome, Singapore on various scenographic, art, technology, UX consulting, and digital media/telematics projects. Recipient of numerous yearly awards, grants, and prizes including the Japan Foundation Prize 1996 for work in Design, Performance, and Information Technology, Recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Award, Jerome Foundation Grant for Collaboration, Japan-US Partnership for the performing arts, Korea Industrial development grant, Creative Economy grant with the Korean minister of culture, Hyundai art and installation grant for work with Nam Jun Paik on the border of North and South Korea, Singapore Interactive media grants, and other grants and research in Art and Technology. He has conducted paid lectures and workshops in five continents in institutions and countries such as Egypt, Chile, U.A.E/Dubai, South Korea, Italy Singapore and others. He is interested in the relationship of human computer interface, the performing arts, cities, environments, and architecture. He maintains a design practice and business in New York City. Phillip Lives in Brooklyn.



Prince Prof. Giorgio Fabretti graduated with honors from the Sapienza University of Rome in Philosophy and Anthropology, he continued his studies in Berkeley (USA), with an approach that sees History and Archeology as fields of scientific and evolutionary Anthropology. For over 30 years he has worked as an anthropologist and journalist, often in war scenarios (Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, etc.). Seriously wounded on a mission (1990), he focused on university teaching and the care of the Raffaele Fabretti Foundation.

He collaborated with Antonio Cederna with whom he worked for the realization of the Appia Antica Regional Park. Since 1972 he has been working on a refoundation, on scientific and genetic grounds, of the Fruttarismo inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.