Christo Wilson


Christo Wilson is an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University in the College of Computer and Information Science. I received my PhD from UCSB working under Ben Y. Zhao. My research interests include online social networks, security and privacy, and datacenter networks. Much of my work focuses on using measured data to analyze and understand social networks and the social web. My interests in security and privacy dovetail nicely with my work on social networks, since social networks have become major targets for malicious activity. Finally, I am interested in the datacenter networks and distributed systems that power social networks and other large-scale web services, with a focus on novel network protocols and datacenter-scale applications.

Christo’s talents lie in developing solutions to solve complex systems problems, he has been heavily involved in social network research. Christo, the Boulevardier, also excels in causing general mayhem, much to everyone’s chagrin.

caricature by: Tyler Wilson